DJ Sose biography

dj sose biography

Exclusive biography of Nigerian Finest DJ, DjSose

DJ Sose Real / Full name is Thomas Amar-Aigbe, born June 5 to the Nigerian father and Hungarian
Mother. DJ Sose hail from Edo state, Nigerian and was born and raised up in Ibandan, Nigeria. 

The Nigerian-Hungarian disc jockey
is known for the huge tattoo on his face and Interestingly, the tattoo is a
drawing and its not permanent.
According to Dj Sose, “He crafted his stage name Dj ‘Sose’ short for ‘Soseneyayi‘ is Esan deriving from my
tribe Edo State Nigeria” he however said 
Sose, meaning ‘Bear Witness’ was a name given to him by his father.

From birth his life became immersed
with music. As far as he remembers, it was then that he embraced the sound of
music, and began thinking of ways to ensure music would play an essential role
in his life. However it was never just one genre that managed to intrigue our ‘Sexy,
Tattooed faced Dj’.


dj sose and eva
Dj sose and rapper Eva


 Dj Sose’s spent 12 years of his life in England which made his experience in traveling
opportunity to manage music projects overseas, with a first degree in Business
Information Systems
, and Film & Video Production Diploma there in England.
DJ SOSE has performed in different country so as in events like, Music
Festivals, New Year’s Eve Parties, Jimmy’s Jump Off, Weddings, Club Tours,
Classic Dee Jays, End Of Year Corporate Parties, Nigerian Carnivals, culture
event, among others.

case of innovation meeting talent… The most memorable performance for the
sexy tattooed face Dj was in Kuala Lumpur on December 31, 2010 – PALM WINE

Dj Sose is rated one of the
top 10 African Djs by Channel 0, He is also a 3 Time Nominee in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards. Featured Videos and Music Project.

dj sose biography
Dj Sose has
cameos in enumerable videos that have gained massive airplay. Videos with the
likes of-  JJC – “African Skank”, Late
Goldie’s “Say My Name”, Dr Sid’s “There’s Something About You” and Chuddy K’s
“Gaga Crazy”, Ice Prince’s “Oleku”,
to mention but a few…

Dj Sose
ignites his passion by releasing his long awaited singles. From this long list
of tracks,  Dj Sose collaborated with
General Pype, Mr. Raw & Shogon and released “Natasha” in October, 2012, he rapidly
followed with “Arike” featuring Ade Piper & Shogon in January 2013. And
“Obulu” featuring Charity Olisa.  Dj Sose
has also featured Pasuma, Capital Femi and Chidinma.

with veteran sounds of Nigerian music, Dj Sose would pioneer successful
fusions, between sounds of African Percussion, European style melodies sitting
on House themed beats.

Indeed Dj Sose’s dream to turn his passion
into profession is distinctive and has helped others reach their path of
self-actualization within the music industry.

Instagram: Djsoseofficial

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