Lynxxx biography

Lynxxx biography

Lynxxx Real / Full Name is Chukie Edozien was born November 24,He is a Nigerian hip-hop recording artist and entrepreneur. In 2010 he released his debut studio album This is Lynxxx and went on to become the first Nigerian artist to be endorsed by the global brand Pepsi. He is the
originator of Jollof Musik – a genre he describes as “an artful blend of music to create great music.”

Lynxxx is the only son of Chief John D. Edozien, a former deputy governor of old Bendel State in Nigeria. He attended Corona Primary School Ikoyi, Lagos, and went on to study at Kings College Lagos for his secondary education. He attended the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, where he obtained a degree in Business, Economics and Marketing

After ten years of behind-the-scenes work in the music industry,
Lynxxx made his debut as a recording artist in December 2009, with the
release of his first official single, “Change your Parade”, produced by
Syndik8 in-house producer and partner “IKON”. The single received a lot
of radio airplay and was popular in nightclubs, which helped Lynxxx cultivate a significant fan base through online media.
In December 2010 Lynxxx released his debut album This Is Lynxxx. The album features a combination of musical genres, including urban hip hop, contemporary R&B, and infusions of funky house.

Lynxxx biography

Lynxxx calls this combination of different styles “Jollof Musik” – a
term that refers to the art of blending various genres to make good
music. That same year, Lynxxx became the first Nigerian artist to be
endorsed by Pepsi.
In addition to his musical career, Lynxxx is also an entrepreneur.
He established several successful businesses prior to his musical
career, which include a clothing line called Syndik8 Denim, a digital
recording studio called Red Room Studio, a media company called Happy
Teddy Media (HTM), and Syndik8 Films.

Instagram: Its_lynxxx

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