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 Biography of Nigerian Fast rising HIP POP artist Nazb and many more

As a child growing up in Nigeria, NazB was surrounded by the
music of his native West African homeland. With members of his immediate
and extended family playing instruments and singing,
music was a part
of his upbringing. His persistence and perseverance eventually gained
him the nickname Nazodobas,which eventually evolved into NazB and became
his rapper alias, Now Based in Zurich, Switzerland.

In his early teens, he began performing at local clubs and slowly
building a loyal audience. He soon sadly realized that he was unable to
gain the support of his beloved parents at that time, so to fulfill his
dream of becoming a successful rapper, at the age of 18, he made a tough
decision to leave his native. He lived among the street life of Mali,
The Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Surinam and Brazil.
Independence fuelled his passion and his hard life and hardships molded
his musical vision and talents.

“The many places I’ve been have influenced me,” he says. “It all
sounds different – you can hear different flavors and elements within my
music.”He sincerely believed that his musical talents are destined to
achieve something far better and continues to create vocals that deal
with several social issues. In his socially conscious track “Shame”, he
dedicated the song to rape victim which reflects the cruelty of this
brutal and senseless crime.  The revenue collected from the sales of
this single will be donated to local charity WiesserRing (Switzerland),
an organization committed to support rape victims and create awareness
on the issue.  His magical notes provoke deep thoughts that actual words
fail to explain! His track mesmerizes souls, connects and heals!

In 2006, NazB’s first debut album had been carefully crafted using
top-notch beats that were intricately fused with African ,American and
European ingredients alike. Recorded entirely in Switzerland, his album
combined these refreshing selections of instrumentation with his
expressive lyrical content. It was the clever combination of the two
(music and lyrics) that then enabled him to openly illustrate his
personal story of pain and progress. His first single was entitled
“Superfly”. It quickly gained him major Radio/TV exposure around the
world and was recognized as number one on Robo Clip SF2 Television in
Switzerland as well as on the very popular, Canadian Music Television.
“This album tells the story of my life and my pain,” NazB explains. That
it does. Themes explore various topics such as love, poverty, racism,
and religious discrimination. Stylistically, he drew influences from
some of the most respected hip-hop legends of his time including 2Pac,
Nas, Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Jay Z, Notorious BIG. Yet and still, his style is
one very unique to himself. NazB has developed a distinctive sound that
blends funky rhythms, heavy-bass grooves, and even elements of his
African roots. “I play music because I love it,” he clarifies. “I feel
like it’s something I can offer to the world! I want the world to know
that I believe in peace and having faith in something bigger than
NazB Single “Attention” was released in early 2015 under Bow Bowah
Records Switzerland. This song is said to be a mix of dance sound and
hip hop feel, and it also contains a female vocalist. Written and
produced by Michael Ozigbo, Andy Prinz and Alexander Yakovlev, this
piece of music deserves a place in a club or bar to set a party off. The
album includes two remix version by a Swiss producer Dave Manuel and UK
Award winning producer Rymez.

NazB is currently signed with Clubstream Pink (Sweden) for the release
of his new EP “Fly Away” and a new deal with Ardofine Records Germany
for a 13 Track album Release in 2016.
His recent top exposure on Soundcity TV (Nigeria) MTV Europe, The
Source Magazine (USA) and on Canadian Music Television as well as
TV/Radio Play world wide proves him as a promised rapper with various
shades of music.

As a nod to NazB’s songwriting and performing talent, more feathers are
constantly getting added to his success crown. He was recognized as the
most voted Coca Cola’s Music Artist for 2009 in Switzerland and was top
among the 500 song contest winners on the 16th annual Billboard song
contest. He also had the privilege of opening the World Thai Boxing
Championships in 2007 @ Jako Arena Bamberg Germany Hosted by the
Champions Club.

While having a well-received album and experiencing the world is
definitely a dream come true for this humble rapper, with his heart
being set on finding something deeper, we can rest assured that we have
not yet heard the last of him.

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With more credits and titles following his way, NazB says he never stops
his love for music and keeps on exploring the joy and passion he finds
in his music.
“Whether I’m rapping about love or poverty, racism or religious
discrimination, or just telling the listener about something I’ve gone
through, I find freedom and inspiration in the freedom of speech. I call
it rap music from my soul.”

Sorce: Nazb official site