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Anderson Project fame
Anderson full name is Emmanuel Amos Anderson born 1994 and currently studying International Relations at IRGIB Africa University, Cotonou. Although, he is not a very outgoing person, he likes traveling and meeting new people. He is one of the 14 contestants that made it to MTN Project fame
2015 season 8.

Anderson pose with chidimma
Anderson pose with chidimma

Anderson particularly likes music that is deeply rooted in arts and his favourite artistes are Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. An experience that has hugely affected him is the demise of his sister about a year ago. It took a while to absorb the loss. He realized then the true meaning of; ‘You only live once’, and has since made a vow to do the best he can with all he has been gifted.

Anderson says his mission in the competition is to expand on his abilities, and his strategy to win is to absorb all he will be taught. He considers his ability to tolerate people to be a major character strength. Unfortunately he lost out at the competition, but he is not giving up on his talent as a musician.

Anderson Biography

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