Eedris Abdulkareem Biography

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 Eedris Abdulkareem

 Eedris Abdulkareem full name is Eedris Turayo Abdulkareem Ajenifuja was born in
Kano, northern Nigeria, is a controversial rapper, song writer born to Yoruba parents from south-western Nigeria.
His mother left the family home in Lagos while heavily pregnant due to
her husband taking another wife.

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Eedris started rap music while
he was a student at the Army Day Secondary school and has been writing
songs ever since. He came to public attention as part of The Remedies, together with Tony Tetuila and Eddy Montana. The group broke up acrimoniously, with the members taking up solo careers.

 Eedris Abdulkareem Biography |

His first solo album Pass was released in 2002, followed in the same year by Mr. Lecturer. The title track Mr. Lecturer – about sexual harassment in universities – was a hit in Nigeria and generated lots of controversy.
Eedris’s next album Jaga Jaga (2004) was even more controversial. The song Jaga Jaga, bemoaning the corruption and suffering in Nigeria and referring to the suspected political assasination
of the country’s Attorney General, was banned from state radio and
television by president Olusegun Obasanjo. The president also made a
speech insulting Eedris’s parentage on national television.

In November 2005, Abdulkareem launched his own record label, La Kreem Music, Letter to Mr. President
(2005), contains one song responding to Obasanjo’s outburst and another
in tribute to the president’s wife Stella, who had died during cosmetic
surgery in October that year.

 Eedris Abdulkareem Biography

The album was released to critical acclaim, and the cover of the album
was designed by Ghariokwu Lemi, who designed most of Fela Kuti’s classic
album covers. Abdulkareem was also voted alongside great personalities
like Dora Akunyili, Pat Utomi and others by millions of Nigerians to
represent Nigeria and carry the Olympic torch relay. Also in 2004,
Abdulkareem came to international attention as a result of a scuffle
with American rapper 50 Cent on board an airplane at Murtala Mohammed International Airport
in Lagos. By all accounts, Abdulkareem had tried to occupy 50 Cent’s
seat, resulting in a fight between Abdulkareem, his friends, and 50
Cent’s bodyguards. One of Abdulkareem’s associates was hospitalised as a
result, and 50 Cent returned to the United States, refusing to appear
at a scheduled concert in Port Harcourt. Abdulkareem got married after briefly dating his then girlfriend Yetunde, and they both have 3 children.

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