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Tee-Y Mix is a multi talented Nigerian Keyboardist and an A listed music producer in Nigeria who grew up in an artistic and musical environment where he displayed from an early age great interest in music. He is also one time Project Fame judge and CEO Music Label, Vivace Records (pronounced as Vi-Vah-Chey Records)
In an interview with whatsupNiaja how did you started producing “ Play play! (laughs). It was from play play. It was out of boredom
really. I love music. Production for me was just one of those things you
know how to do. For instance, I know how to play the drums. I started
by playing the drums. I know how to play the piano. It’s just one of
those things I wanted to know how to do and I just started learning how
to produce. It was later on I got encouraged to just pay more attention
to it, which I did and began to now decide “funny enough, you can have
it as a career

Sound prodigy Tee-Y mix is the creative producer behind several anthem songs (Hennessy’s Bartender, Tony Montana, Kini Big Deal,
etc) and brilliant artistes (Naeto C, 9ice, Darey, Sasha,Kefee, Kel, F.shaw Alaye, Shank,Kwam 1, to
mention but a few). 

TeeY Mix | Mybiohub.com

He is different; original, detailed, passionate and
stylish. He is the winner of the prestigious Headies 2012 Award for Best
Producer of the year. With Tee-Y Mix, you are always ‘in tune’ –
world-class production quality, success with rewards and great response
from the fans!

He has produced songs by famous artists like Darey, Naeto C, Kefee, Kel, F.shaw Alaye, Shank, 9ice, Kwam 1, and many others

He also worked with Coco Benson in “Taxi Driver” produced by Tee Y Mix

TeeY Mix | Mybiohub.com

He won Headies 2012 Award for Best Music Producer

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