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(Pronounced African Ape) real/full name is Damilola Olatunde is Nigerian comedian, he is also regarded as instagram celebrity.

Dami started the Instagram comedy clips before most of your favorite
instagram comedy celebs and because of this probably has an edge. With
thousands of followers and constant gigs, he seems to be on top of
his game.

Africanpe06 is his instagram handle, He is the most traveled among all internet sensations.
He has headline loads of shows in America and environs. He is a
Comedian and MC and his fan base cuts across all races. His selling point is
Ugly face and because his name stipulates that ‘Africanpe’. His signature is his pitch color headgear.


Armed with a 2 masters degrees, and the viral catch phrase “everlasting bastard” Damilola Olatunde or AphricanApe, as he is known on the internet has fast taken over Instagram with his hilarious sketches.
With a bachelor’s degree in Accounting
and a Masters in Business administration, one would think that Dami’s
success tip would have something to do with money. But it turned out to
be the opposite.
Never do it for the fame or money.
Do it because you love it, because it’s your passion. Doing it for fame
is why a lot of people don’t succeed, because they give up after a short
time of trying and not becoming famous.
Surprisingly unlike the conservative
degree-addicted African parents he plays in his skits, his parents on
the other hand have been greatly supportive.
To my utmost surprise, my parents
have been my biggest supporters. I guess on this issue, my parents were
not the typical African parents that I usually play in my videos
.” And true to his words, his parents have been very supportive even being featured in his videos.

Instagram: Aphrican Ape

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