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Bebe Cool  real/full name is Moses Sali, He was born on1 September 1977. He is a top African Reggea and ragga musician from Uganda. 

started his career around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya, but a few years later
he moved back to his native country. Bebe Cool was one of the first
artists affiliated with Ogopa DJs, a production house and record label
in Kenya.

Cool’s unique husky voice and electric stage perfomances position him
as East Africa’s undisputed reggae-ragga maestro. With almost two
decades as a musician under his belt, he has certainly earned the title
‘Big Size.’ From early hits such as ‘fitina,’ to a more recent ‘Love you
 everyday’ the growth and versatility is evident.

Bebe Cool n wife
Bebe Cool n wife

new album is a captivating and mature sound with hints of the Bebe Cool
you know and the one you are yet to discover. It progressively

as a reminder as to why he is Uganda’s finest Reggae Artist. Bebe Cool
has had music engrained in his system since he was a little boy. As a
teenager he got introduced to Buju Banton, Shaba Ranks and Maxi Priest.
It was then that he was moved by Buju Banton’s style. He later adopted
his deep, husky trademark sound.

Cool was one of the first artists signed to the Ogopa Deejay’s based in
Nairobi. He has had tours in the UK and U.S.A. Other memorable
perfomances include sharing a stage with R.Kelly and even more
outstanding, perfoming alongside several international artists at the
Late Mandela’s 90th Birthday Celebrations.

Bebe Cool Biography

with his successful musical career, Bebe Cool takes time to support
vulnerable communities in Uganda. His big heart has seen him support
education of children in Kamuli whom he later places in different
companies once they have graduated.

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