Bizzle Osikoya Biography

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bizzle-osikoyaBizzle Osikoya is aCEO of Bee Entertainment, A&R for Mavin Records,
Entertainment and Media Consultant and a Social Media Influence.,who happens to
use his Instagram page for funny pictures, quotes and videos. his signature will definitely be his
rare head and Native wears.

A longtime veteran of the record business, Bizzle Osikoya got his
start when he first moved back to Nigeria 2008 from London and started
working with Storm Records managing Naeto C, he soon entered the social
media world and made his name as a social media influencer when he
managed the defunct Mo hits social media accounts on every platform.
Over the course of his career as an A&R, he helped launch careers of
artists like Korede Bello and others.

Can you explain what your job entails and how you became a social media influencer?

According to interview with natashanotables “My position entails discovering, signing and developing artists.
 A&R works the building and helps to facilitate the artist’s goals.
Being unique and different I can say has contributed majorly to my
success, most people do these things for money. I started because it was
a passion of mine, the first time someone offered me money to help them
showcase their product, it came as a shock, it was totally new to me,
using my social media platform to showcase products and get paid for it.
But as time goes on it became a constant demand and I had to get a
manager, and then filter what it is I’m showcasing and make sure it
aligns with my brand. I make sure sometimes not to make it too
advertorial; I want people to be able to relate to me personally so I
put up a lot of funny content as well”

Contact on social media
Instagram: bizzleo1