Chuddy k Biography | Age

Chuddy K’s Profile
Chuddy K was born Chukwudi Ken Agali on the 15th Of July,
1984 to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Agali who hail from Utwue Ogume,
Local Government Area of Delta State.

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Chukwudi Ken Agali grew up in a Lagos suburb called Ajegunle
where he attended his primary education at Queens care nursery /
primary school, he later moved out of Ajegunle to Agboju amuwo near
Festac Town, where he had his secondary education at Awori Ajeromi
Grammar School and then moved to Upper College, Aiyetoro-Ijaninkin where
he wrote his WAEC examinations. His life as a youth was not a pleasant
one, which contributed to his moving around to get educated. He hustled
on the streets of Lagos as a child whom his parents were divorced some
few months after his birth and was left to stay with his dad at that
tender age, he sold pure water and also did brick laying job, to raise
money so he could buy his GCE form. He also did some other odd jobs to
see himself through school and life.
While all this was going on, there was this God given talent
in him that was emanating but still, he was written off as a “do no
good” boy.
As God will want it MUSIC was a concession destiny has given Chukwudi Agali. 
He started singing at a tender age of twelve (12) back then
in Ajegunle because he grew up appreciating the likes of Daddy Showkey
and Daddy Fresh who started their careers around him as a kid in the
ghetto called Iya Ojo, Aj city.
As music started paving good ways for them, Chukwudi started having the aspirations of becoming a star like them.
He later became a teenage chorister in the church he was
attending back then; he was upgraded to the lead vocalist in a short
time due to his musical prowess.
Chukwudi attended musical contest and concerts with the
church choir (Victory Christian Church) but later left Ajegunle for
Agboju where he met with a friend called Jerry who introduced him to
some of his friends who just formed a gospel group called the SALVATION
He joined them after studying there ways and also due to
Jerry’s persuasions. His joining the group turned the group into a seven
boys group which was formerly six.
The group then was now made of Chukwudi (now known as CHUDDY
K) & Wande (now known as Wande Coal) both of whom were the lead
vocals of the group.
The remaining members were Akin, Dayo, Simon, Isaac & Jerry.
SALVATION BOIZ group was strictly a Gospel Accapela group.
They attended various church functions to perform; they were also
performing on a regular basis at the Redemption camp of the Redeemed
Christian Church of God and a host of other Churches.
The group later came to a pause when everyone of the members
of the group started gaining admission into various tertiary
institutions, but that was not the end of music for Chukwudi and some
other members of the group.
Two years later, he moved to PPL; a settlement at Okokomaiko
where he met another childhood friend called Remi and together with two
other friends (Chukwuka & Nduka) formed another group called,
They did some recordings together but things did not go as they planned and he left the group.
The urge to be a successful musician would not make him stop striving towards greatness.
He coined out a name for himself from his real name Chukwudi
Ken and CHUDDY replaced Chukwudi while K stands for Ken and since, he’s
being addressed as CHUDDY K.
He started writing his own songs as a Solo artiste; the effort which produced “slow slow” as his first completely written song.
Chuddy K met with several people to sing his completed single “slow slow”, may be a recording assistance will come through.
That was when he was introduced by his friend, Kelvin to
Niyi Adekeye; the Publisher of Giggles+ Magazine who also doubled as Mo
Hits Records’ Publicist as at that time.
He heard the song but did not really show any interest but
promised to assist Chuddy K in due course. He strived on and met with a
young producer called Jay Sleek at a studio in Agboju, Festac Area who
groomed him for a while and recorded that…