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Dj Deemoney

DJ Dee Money is a Nigerian DJ based in Chicago, IL. Born in Chicago
and raised in Nigeria,
Best African Dj USA AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 winner.

DJ Dee money grew up in a military barracks
called Tamandu Barracks in Apapa, Lagos. DJ Dee Money is the younger of
two children. DJ Dee Money began his DJ career in 2000. He was
introduced to the art of Disc Jockeying by his friend Yemi “Fapo”
Falomo. Dee Money was one of the first DJs to promote Nigerian popular
music in diaspora through his series of mix tapes and events.

DJ Dee Money is the co-host on one of the most consistent online
African radio shows called Gbedu Hour. Gbedu Hour airs on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays on the premier online African Radio station –
Tru! Spot Radio. The purpose of the show is to fill the void of African
music missing on most radio stations in Diaspora. Listeners tune in from
all over around world to listen live to African music mixed by DJ Dee

DJ Dee Money’s knowledge of the art of entertaining through music has
garnered recognition around the world.  In 2006, DJ Dee Money was
recognized as “2006 World’s Best DJ” at the First ever Nigeria
Entertainment Awards held in Maryland, U.S.A. More recently, DJ Dee
Money was nominated as “Best World DJ” at the 2010 Nigerian
Entertainment Awards, which took place in New York.

Considered the “DJ of Choice” for major events, DJ Dee Money has
managed the turntables at major Nigerian events around the United States
and other parts of the world with appearances at: Nigeria Entertainment
Awards, Nigerian Reunion events, Nigerian DJs Summer Jam and Tiwa-works
in Nigeria parties. DJ Dee Money also provides musical entertainment
for private events such as birthday parties, wedding, family reunions,
anniversary celebrations and many more.
Currently, DJ Dee Money is a resident DJ at one of the premier clubs in Chicago, The Shrine. DJ
Dee Money spins a mix of mainstream music including Hip-Hop, R&B,
Reggae, Old School Soul/Hip-Hop, House Music, Funky House, Afro Beats,
Popular Nigerian Music, African tunes and much more.

Dj Deemoney

DJ Dee Money has worked with several Nigerian artists based in
Nigeria and in other parts of the world. He was featured on OlaDeLe’s
“Razz is the new cool” album and most recently on eLDee’s Classic album,
“Is it your money” album. In May 2009, Dee money was responsible for
bringing together 5 Nigerian Female artists to release a song that
helped create awareness for female talents in a male dominated industry.

DJ Dee Money is one of the founders of the most influential African
DJ coalitions, “The Hottest Coalition of Nigerian DJs worldwide”. The
coalition’s goal is to promote the culture of Nigeria through music.

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DJ Dee Money academic degrees includes a Bachelor of Finance from
University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from Saint Xavier
University in Chicago.

Facebook: DJ-Dee-Money
Twitter: djdeemoney
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