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Instagram Comedians Emmah Oh My God
Emmah Oh My God real/full name is Emmanuel Edunjobi , He is a Nigerian Comedian , WeddingMC , Singer/Musician , Producer , TV Presenter , Actor , Content provider and CEO OhEmGee Ltd. The young man hail from Ogun State, Abeokuta.

Emmaohmagod is a multi-talented guy who is a
comedian, multi-instrumentalist and M.c. He is popular for his video mix
of funny clips and rendition of top notch celebrity’s songs and mix
with local African songs. He is undisputed one of the very best

Early Life and Background

Emmanuel Edunjobi is a young man from Ogun State, Abeokuta. He is the last born out of 6. He is a graduate of Covenant
University where he studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He
is a Christian and he attends Daystar church because of the awesomeness
of the choir

EMMA OHMAGODt is multi-talented act, he sings, plays the guitar, piano and percussion. He also
writes, arranges and produces music. Some of his works like ‘Ife’,
‘Gbesoke’ and ‘Love Wantintin’ can be heard on wazobia FM, Cool FM,
Rockcity FM, Eko FM, and other top radio stations and sites in Nigeria.
An electrifying performer, Emma has also won several musical/talent
competitions and is the Lagos State NYSC Idol (2011).

 Emman have been doing his comedy kits before he hit the instagram which gave him greater number of fan base and shoot him to limelight. He is regarded as one of the top instagram celebrityies from Nigeria.


How He come up with the name Emma Oh Ma God

According to ebonilifetv “I like saying “oh my God” and i say it a lot especially when i go on
stage .. and people like it when i say it .So i decided to add it to my
name  by funkifying  the “my” to “ma”. hence the name EmmaohmaGod and I  have also patented the name so it is exclusive to me”.

The comedian
who is the only Instagram comic who’s had his video Re-posted by Chris Brown
himself has also said that he’d always do the fun videos for his
thousands of followers even when he becomes bigger than he currently is.

with videos like Teletubbies in Ibadan, the Beyonce Single Ladies
remake and Chris Brown in Ojuelegba, Emmah is hands down one of the
biggest comedians making waves on Instagram.
No wonder big companies pay him for advert placements.
Watch Emmah’s hilarious Davido Aye remake

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