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Ferre Gola real/full name is Hervé GOLA BATARINGE, the Congolese singer Férré
Goosebumps was born in the town of Kinshasa Lingwala March 3, 1976. He
is married to a French woman of North African origin, and they have a
child named Caprice.

 Ferre Gola is a Kinshasa born singer, songwriter and dancer, who hail from Dr Cong Music has been his passion since early age.

He always dreamed of becoming a musician; a dream which turn to reality in 1995 when Werrason saw him singing at a fair organized at Bandalungwa in Kinshasa.Werrason recruited him to join the band Wenge Musica 4×4 BCBG.

Since then, Ferre Gola has been part of several groups, including Quartier Latin, before starting his solo career in late 2006.

His first solo album, Sens interdit, had a huge success in Kinshasa, but also in France, the Netherlands and Belgium where everyone rushed to buy the album. In 2014, his song Pakadjuma took the fifth position in Trace Africa’s Top 10 chart, and Chichiwash took the third in the Top 30 chart, becoming international hits.

Besides his qualities as a crooner, the
young Herve master to perfection the piano and percussion. It is
considered the most gifted of his generation, as it serves as a model
for young Congolese singers from both sides of the river Congo. He was
spotted in the years 1995 through Werrason then one of the pillars of
the group Wenge Musica Maison Mère who was at the material time the most
popular band in Kinshasa, during a carnival. His talent and his
particular way of singing has captivated Werrason second, and has
included it within the group while taking him under his wing.

1997, a conflict of egos finally generate the dislocation group
WENGE-MUSICA. The two main leaders, Werrason & JB Mpiana separate,
and three quarters of the workforce joined JB Mpiana, and the young
Ferré rest alongside his mentor Werra sound that makes up the band Wenge
Musica Maison Mère, recruiting ds talented youth with diverse
backgrounds and varied to the point of recruiting homeless youth, which
will give Werrason and his group a symbol of sympathy and popularity,
and Ferré will serve as conductor. 

He was Nominated Best Male Central Africa in AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 Nominees.

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