Foxy P Biography | Heanyi Bob-Nwachukwu

Foxy P real name is Heanyi Bob-Nwachukwu, is a
Stand up comedian. The EazyE and P-diddy of African Comedy “Foxy-P” is largely the brains
and financier behind the very successful African Princes of Comedy

But unlike the two aforementioned rappers, Foxy-P does not need
anyone to write his jokes. As this talented individual spews originality
evolving from hosting his own “African Today Show” – where he is known
as the Gidigbo Champion to creating “Tout Kitchen” – where the food can
only be described as gangster.

He now hosts the sold out ‘African Princes of Comedy‘ show.
For Foxy-P not to be confused with Foxy Brown, his tip for success was quite a mouthful.
Read a lot of news, be on top of current affairs, spend time on
social media to see what people are caring about, be original – do not
use anyone’s material, tell your own story, find your own niche, believe
in yourself and practice practice practice

Practice, practice and be original! It is clear Foxy-P is not just dropping advice, but following his advice.
Whether he is playing the creepy “fast Finger Chuks” or the
sensational “Sister Philo”, Foxy-P’s originality and creativity shines
through. Originality that has seen him go from youTube to Cable
Television where his skits have been featured severally on Channel O.

Instagram: thefoxhimself

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