Ifeanyi Kalu Biography – Age

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Ifeanyi Kalu is a Nigerian fashion tutor/designer, model, presenter, MC, and actor. He studied at Lily college Festac and Lagos state university. Ifeanyi has acted alongside Ashionye Michelle, Ruth Kadiri, Belinda EffahRykardo Agbor, and many others.

Born on February 13, 1988, at Havannah Hospital in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria to Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Gilbert Kalu, he has become a famous actor and one of the most sought after by producers and directors. Ifeanyi Kalu hails from Imo state, located in southeast Nigeria, and has a degree in computer science.

Some of the movies Ifeanyi Kalu has featured in are; Kokomma (2012), Lagos Cougars (2013), 3 is a Crowd (2017), and Almost a Virgin(2018).


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