Lebo Motsoeli Biography – Profile, Age

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Lebo Motsoeli is a South African television presenter, scriptwriter, voice-over artist and producer. She was introduced to the world of sport broadcasting in 2003 and there she began as a voice over artist and scriptwriter for the youth programme Sportsbuzz, which she’s still involved with to date.
Lebo won the SAB Newcomer of the Year Merit award in 2006, as well as being recognized as the 2007 January Woman in Media by Gsport.
Her involvement in sport also includes the programmes Amakrokokroko, Pedal Talk, FNB African Soccer Show and being the face of the Siyanqoba 2010 Campaign.

Lebo went to Brazil for the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation World Games (IWAS Games) in 2005. This was her first international reporting for SABC sport.

She went on to Amsterdam for the International Paralympic World Athletics Champions in 2006 as a live television and radio reporter. She has a degree in Communications Science and is the Lifestyle and Fashion Editor for Soccerlife magazine. Her date of birth will be revealed soon.

Instagram: Leabilemp 

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