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Sossick real/full name is Esosa Douglas Osemwengie, is a Producer or Music maker signed to Classick Tunes. 

Sossick (a.k.a So
sick) born into a family of six, He started his musical journey early, with influences ranging from
local to foreign artistes.

Personal music compositions began as early
as the primary school stages,impressing,thrilling and entertaining
friends and family members.”I just loved doing it, that’s all I
remember”,says he.

Sossick’s addiction to music grew as the years passes. In
the mid-90s, He joined a group of youngsters who were equally driven by
the passion for music to form a music group called “D Kru”. This group
did not last together as members quickly sort to pursue solo careers.
Sossick had a brief stint as a HipHop artiste/Producer but was quick to
major in production which he learnt from his friend,a former member of
the group. Over the years, he came to create and master his own unique

In 2005, he produced the first single off rapper Gino’s debut
album titled “No be God? which went on to become a international
hit,with its video revolutionalising music videos. Other songs Sossick
has produced are “Julie” by Shank, “Pon pon pon” by Dagrin and most of
the tracks on the highly acclaimed C.E.O album, “Money can’t buy me
love” n “Dresscode” by Y.q,”pop off selecta” by Dipp, “Paripopo” by Owen
gee. He’s also worked with Ruggedman,Naeto C,C-mion,Chuddy K,Koffi,
amongst others. His works have been nominated for and won awards in the
country. He recently got nominated for the producer of the year category
at this year’s HipHop world awards. As an artiste,he’s done
collaborations with Gino,Dagrin,Yq,Naeto,Ruggedman,etc. Sossick is
currently head of an independent label called Classick tunes,which is
home to artistes E-jay,and himself.

He is yet to release his debut album.


 Sossick is most underrated producer, The hits he’s been responsible for compared to the love he gets is a total mismatch. You can argue that Da Grin might not have had his biggest hit were it not for this dude right here. Delving into vocals sometimes, Sossick still stays solid on the beatz and is still a solid hit maker – Just ask May D.

Notable Work: Da Grin – Pon Pon Pon, May D – Use me ,Eva Alordiah – Mercy, Sossick – Kosofo, Eva Alordiah – I Done Did It, Sossick – Jor Oh

Isnstagram: sossick00
Facebook: sossick 

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