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Tha Suspect

Tha Suspect real/full name is David Peter, was born in Lagos, hails from Akwa Ibom State is a Music Producer, Sound Engineer,Sound Designer, Co-Founder CAPital , C.E.O AnyHow Records.

 he spent his early
days on the streets of Ikeja, Orishe to be precise. Tha Suspect doesn’t
see himself as an artiste but rather, a music enthusiast. His style of
music is very suspicious as he raps, sings and produces great music. He
calls his debut album, which is titled PUBLIC NUISANCE, an experiment
because he explores many sides to music on this album.

 He grew up
listening to different genres of music and was greatly inspired by the
G-Funk era, especially by Shalamar; another major influence was Dr.
Dre’s California Love, which he identifies as a defining moment in his
production career. His
earlier musical influences included Shalamar, Kool and The Gang, Roger
Troutsman, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade to mention a few. 

At a very early age, while in primary school, he and
other members of the school band would sneak back the music room after
school hours and compose and experiment with all the instruments. As he
grew older, in secondary school, he was a part of several groups namely
the Brotherhood and the Praise Brothers. Tha Suspect represents the
truth and would stop at almost nothing to reflect this in his music.

Tha Suspect

Eventually, his gospel group parted ways
and Da Suspect moved on to becoming a solo recording artist. He went on
to hone his production and song writing skills, alongside notable
producers like Dr. Frabs, ID Cabasa, Puffy Tee etc. He remained self
funded all through the period, paying his dues in the Nigerian music

 Many years ago Tha Suspect and the film genius Clarence Peters met and
following a series of events, the bond between these two became stronger
and they have worked together on many projects, developing each other’s
skills. Today, Tha Suspect is signed onto Clarence’s record label –
Capital Hill – alongside rap sensation, Kel. Tha Suspect represents the
city of Ikeja and the hustles associated with growing up on the streets
of Ikeja; an experience that has been a very huge influence on his music
and life as a whole. 

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