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Eddie Black

Eddie Black real/full name is Nathaniel Edward Bangira Nchemba in a small town called Itezhi­tezhi southern end of
Zambia. He was raised in Lusaka by his mum, a single parent who passed on leaving him in the loving
and caring hands of his grandparents.

In January 2011 Eddie Black released his debut single titled ‘whats the
name of the game’ produced by Erasto.
After the release of his first single which received numerous positive reviews from the listeners he set a goal to
become a household name.

This dream slowly began to take form when he released his second solo effort
titled ‘Rock ‘n’ Rolla’ in 2012 which got airplay on local radio stations around Lusaka. Later that same year he
came across an exceptionally talented producer and songwriter Peezey Cables who took him under his wing
and together they launched the smash hit single ‘Bangumfweko’ which boasted massive national airplay,
countless raving reviews from fans allover the country and made it to the top ten national charts.

Zambian rapper Eddie Black has recently collaborated with other acts such
as THE KICKS, Peezey Cables, the legendary Macky II, KRYTIC, Young Majik and many others. On the 21st of
January 2014 He released a top selling EP “Letter From Rhodesia”.

The album had a total of 5000 album
downloads in the 1st month.
After releasing his album he released a solo produced by Peezey Cables called Mujulu— a unique “Folk­Song”
fused with modern day Hip­Hop. At the beginning of 2015 he joined forces with R&B/Pop Artist Lady Vogue for
the song “Where Are You”, she adds depth and a soulful flavor to it.

In the song the hip­hop artist talks about
the struggle of a single mother and the effect it has on the child. Later in 2015 he came back with a hip hop
banger ‘Learner’ which features Award winning rapper and dance hall act Jay Rox who is also a member of hip
hop crew Zone Fam Right now he has a new single out called “Power”. On this new single he talks about how
they(He and Peezy Cables) have built a record label, how the industry is set up to show love as long us you are
still at the bottom and alienate you when you are in the same board meetings and attending the same functions.

And now to you the Zambian Music followers, please note that Eddie Black is loved by fans mostly for the
formidable energy he exudes on the microphone and his ability to beautifully contort rhymes, punch lines and
metaphors effortlessly on tracks. There is much more to expect from Him. 

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