General Ozzy Biography

General Ozzy

GENERAL OZZY real/full name is David Banda, Ozzy was nick-named “General” because of his unmatched love for music among his peers. He is not a military general but in the music fraternity, so he says.

His songs focuses on real life issues. Before he came in the limelight, Ozzy had tried to attend different music auditions but he never won himself a recording deal.

As a young person, Ozzy admired his mother who was a choir member and
his father who played guitar at home. Ozzy used to put his singing voice
on tape and it was in so doing that one of his earliest songs was aired
on Radio Phoenix Hot Demo Action. With this effort, he continued to attended auditions until his determination paid off as music label Sling Beats took him up.
Ozzy was picked after the producers heard his song, “Back Stabber”.

He then released “The General”.
His music was warmly accepted by the people and his track “Osalila”
became a household name in many entertainment houses because of the
thrilling beats and the lyrics.
Although “Osalila” was the people’s
favourite, Ozzy said he could single out “Chino Chalo” because it
reflects what he has gone through.

Ozzy features well on albums of his label mates K’Millian Ty2, Kanji, and Hamoba.
He also did a good collaboration with Petersen on “Munyaule”.
With the track he did with Kanji “Chi Daddy”, rumour went round that the two are dating.
But Ozzy denied saying he was seeing someone else.

General Ozzy

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