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Ibtissam Tiskat

Ibtissam Tiskat (Arabic: ابتسام تسكت‎‎) is a Moroccan singer, songwriter and actress who rose to popularity as a contestant in both the 2nd season of Arab Idol and the 10th season of Star Academy Arab World. She made her commercial singing debut with “N’dir Mabghit” (Arabic: ندير ما بغيت‎‎) in September 2014. Best Female North Africa  AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 Nominees

Tiskat competed in the 10th season of Star Academy Arab World. She also won the title of ‘Best Couple’ with Kuwaiti
contestant Abdel-salam Alzayed and the title of ‘Miss Star Academy’.
Ibtissam was nominated twice on the show. During her first nomination
she was brought back by public vote, achieving the season’s highest vote
percentage. During her second nomination, she stood alongside Tunisian contestant Ghada Jeriedi, she lost the public vote, which raised allegations that the show tampered with the results.

Ibtissam Tiskat


In March 2015, Tiskat released her second single “Maghribiya wa Aftakhir” (Arabic: مغربية وافتخر‎‎). In April 2015, Tiskat released a single with Abdel-salam Alzayed, “Enta Ya” (Arabic: أنت يــا‎‎). In August 2015, Tiskat appeared as a featured vocalist in Two Tone’s song “Weli Liya” (Arabic: ولي ليا‎‎)

Ibtissam Tiskat

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