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Justin Campos

 Justin Campos is a Director, Cinematographer owns and runs Gorilla Films, which is a full-service media production company specializing in the music video industry for celebrity stars. Best Video Director  AFRIMMA AWARD 2016,2015,2014 Nominees 

has a deep understanding of all aspects of video production from
concept development, pre-production, location and/or studio production,
Directing, Cinematography, Editing offline/online, post production and
delivery to TV stations and online social platforms, as well as knowing
how to deal with clients and expectations.

Justin handles all
social digital media aspects of his company, and maintains a successful
Instagram page(@gorilla_films), Facebook page(Gorilla Films), YouTube
channel (JusGorilla) uploading videos, SEO tagging, partner control, and
has developed and published his own website for Gorilla Films

Justin Campos came from music
production, recording, mixing and mastering, as well as a being a Voice
over artist from the age of 8.

He then moved to media, and
started a small production company called “Gorilla Films” in
Johannesburg, South Africa, that has become a well known name in the
Justin Campos is a known force in the entertainment sector, and his work has
several awards for His clients, including a some of his own, with many
nominations every year for the Celebrities He works with.

was then joined by Candice Lee Campos his wife, with her amazing talent
in conceptual ideas, producing, set design, and many other areas.

likes to operate the camera himself, often lights the sets, oversees
workflow and data management, always handles final edits, VFX and
compositing, and is also the colourist on all his work.

Justin has directed/shot and graded over 500 music videos, and a handful of commercials/corporates.


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Honors & Awards

  • “Best Video Director nomination” – AFRIMMA 2015

    September 2015
    Best Video Director nomination at the AFRICA 2015 awards held in Dallas Texas.
  • “Best Video Director” nomination – AFRIMMA 2014

    September 2014
    Best Video Director nomination at the AFRIMMA 2015 awards held in Dallas Texas.
  • Top 10 Most Visionary Music Video Directors in Africa

    Channel O Television music channel
    January 2014
    Honoured to have been selected in the top 10 Video Directors in Africa
  • Won “Best Edited video” – 4Syte MTN Music Video Awards

    4Syte MTN
    November 2014
    Won “Best Edited Video” at the 2014 annual 4Syte MTN Music video Awards
  • Won “Best Storyline” – 4Syte MTN Music Video Awards

    4Syte MTN Music video awards
    November 2014
    Won “Best Storyline” at the 2014 annual 4Syte MTN Music video Awards
  • “Best special effects” nomination at the Channel O music video Awards 2006

    Channel O Africa
    August 2006
    “Best special effects” nomination at the Channel O music video Awards 2006
  • “Best Video Director” nomination – MTN SAMA 2005

    MTN South African Music Awards
    Best Video Director nomination at the MTN South African Music Awards in 2005


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Justin Campos – South Africa