Saber Rebai Biography

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Saber Rebai

Saber Rebaï (Arabic: صابر الرباعي‎‎‎; born 13 March 1967 in Sfax, Tunisia), transliteration Saber al Ruba’i; is a Tunisian pan-Arab singer and composer. He is known for his song “Sidi Mansour”. Some albums carry the variant transliteration Saber el Rebaii. He has been signed since 2004 to the pan-Arab record label Rotana

Early life

started the singing as his profession at 17 years old impressed by
singers among which Mohammad Abd El Wahab, Abd El Kader El Asaly, Wadih
Al Safi, Abd El Halim Hafez, Karem Mahmoud. Saber composed some of his
songs melodies among which the song Word (Kalima). He worked with Hilmi Baker, Salah El Charnoubi and Dr Abd El Rab Idriss.

International Concerts

Rebai went in tours across Europe, USA, Australia and also performed in
Palestine and South Korea. He gave shows in the Olympia in Paris,
Carthage and Cairo.


Saber Al Rubai won many awards for his participation in international festivals among which:

  • Cartage Festivals for many years
  • Arab Music Festival
  • Egyptian Opera House Award
  • Cairo International Festivals
  • Francophone Festivals
  • The Gold Microphone in Cairo Festivals

 Best Male North Africa  AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 Nominees.

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