Sandy Biography | Sandy Star

Sandy Biography | Sandy Star

Sandy also known as Sandy Star, Is Egyptian Talented pop diva In The Music world. Sandy was born in Egypt (Cairo) in 22 April,she studied tourism and hotel management in Alison academy for 4 years.

Sandy released her first album “kol ma arrab” in 2006,distributed by Star Label,including the hit “kol ma arrab” lyrics by Hany Al Sagher and composed by Mohammad Raheem.

In 2009,Sandy released her first single hit “shofto w makalemnesh” lyrics by Mohammad refai and composed by Housam Badran.sandy Released her second album “lisa sogayara” with melody music 2009 with the latest music video , eyak and ebn garetna on melody music channel and she ic curantly working on her new album “ad eltahady” up to the challenge and it will be also distributed by MELODY MUSIC and her latest music video “hasal kheer” with the director david zennie

In the year 2006, Sandy released her first debut album entitled Kol
Ma2arab, released with Star Music Company. The song Kol Ma Arrab,
composed by by Mohamad Rahim with lyrics by Hany Al Saghir was her
first song.

Her first video clip was directed by Tamer Bassuoni.

Her latest video clips, which often air on Melody Television, reveal a
very sexy Sandy. She is topless in Eyak, and quite erotic in Ebn

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She ranked twelfth in Top 100 Sexiest Arab Women 2010.
She is often referred to as the new Ruby, and also shows many similarities with Maria Nalbandian’s early beginnings..

Best Female North Africa  AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 Nominees.