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Siphiwe Wright

Siphiwe wright real name is Siphiwe Moyo, she was born in Lusaka Zambia
to parents Kesiwe and the late Mack key Moyo. In a family
of 15 she is a twin and the second to last born. Sophiwe is Zambian female gospel singer, she have always had a passion
to help people and so through my music and the lord using me she will be
accorded a chance to reach and minister to people in Jesus’s name and to
bring glory to Gods name.

Siphiwe was born in a musical family both parents sang
and all the girls can sing but the guys on the other hand, well let’s just say a few of them can sing. she seriously
started solo ministry in 2003 shortly after she came to the United States with the encouragement of my brother. she only relocated to the USA late 2001.

Siphiwe have had the pleasure of singing in different
groups like twelve gates, shinning stars, central voices, unshaken, by grace…only to name a few. she have traveled
through out the United States ministering. she is passionate about my ministry and helping especially children
and women and so my ministry is called the Siphiwe notes.

Siphiwe Wright

Why the Siphiwe notes?
Siphiwe chose to name this ministry the Siphiwe notes simply because everyone
needs a note to self and/or a note to praise. While we go through life
we need to realize our lives are like a blank paper our experiences are
the writings. Same with the music sheet of paper is just that unless
musical notes are put on them and then a song is birthed and that song
has the power to encourage strengthen and calm someone. Our life
experiences are our testimonies that can encourage motivate and give
hope to someone.

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