Stamina Starz Biography

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Stamina Starz

Zambian musician Paul Lungu was born on June 1992, he is best known with his stage name Stamina staRz is a Zambian Hip­hop artist, he
rose to lime light in 2013 after releasing the musical Video called Wama chicky produced by ricore at no doubt
studios,In 2010.he won the kanyama hennessy atistry club tour.

Stamina is currently signed under the record
label’ No doubt’his studio debut album which will be called ‘sindine muzako'(i am not your friend). Stamina’s life became complicated at ’10’when his father
died,Life wasn’t easy by that time,he was raised by a single hardworking mum,
that In 2004, Zambian HipHop artist Stamina Starz began writing Rap songs and
started performing them at social events held at his school. It was not until 2011 that he began going to studios
to record. In 2012, he got together with a couple of friends and formed a group called the “rhyme twisters”.
They had few performances as a group and split a year later

 Stamina “said “I started out in kanyama in a group called RHYME
TWISTERS We used to rap and sing together. The group split up after a few years and after that I took a break,
I had a song that made it to number 1 at commet fm called live my life that was when I started getting more
attention. Then I got admitted into University of Zambia to study Public information but then I couldn’t really
continue because of some financial constraint at the time.”Stamina also opened up about the passing of his
Father and the challenges he faced early on. He said’Life isn’t easy,especially growing up with a single
parent,one thing I’ve learnt about the ghetto is that nothing comes on a silver plate,wake up and go get
it,laziness is a disease,but always put it in mind that nobody goes down to stay,we bounce back for another try”

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