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Monica Njoku

Monica Njoku was born on November 22, 1988, she is the first of
five children of her parent. She is a vibrant lady from Okpanku town in
Aninri local government area of Enugu State.


Monica Njoku attended Key Stone
kiddies Nursery and Primary School Isolo, Lagos. Her brilliant
performance got her admitted into Holy Saviour’s College Isolo, Lagos in
the year 2000. In 2003, she became a member of Press Club in the
school, taking active part in writing News and articles for her school
community. In 2004, Monica Njoku became the President of the club in
Holy Savior’s College, taking active role in writing and reporting,
leading members of the club to weekly News casting on Fridays which
materials were gathered between Mondays and Thursdays and edited by the
school English Teachers and Vice Principal who were the primary
coordinators of the club.

Monica Njoku, a second class upper graduate
in B.A. Linguistics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was a
student with difference. She won the Miss UNIQUE Award title, in 2011
and 2nd  most popular Linguistics’ student in the University campus in
the same year, 2011. Her outspoken and likeable nature has won her the
most enduring title THE LADY’! A title, which has endured throughout her
four years degree course and is still enduring as her school community
especially her course mates, department and lecturers would fondly call
her ‘THE LADY’ instead of her real name.
During her service year as a
corps member in Osun State, her goal oriented nature, strong character
and kindheartedness moved her take up a personal project for the benefit
of her students and host community, as she single handedly put up
classroom windows for all Jss2 and Jss3 classrooms when she began. On
seeing this kind spirit, His Royal Majesty, Oba Waheeb Kayode Oyedotun
Bibirel, the Oragun of ila, who could’t help being amazed as well as the
then Chairman of ila local government hon. Segun awotude gave her all
the moral and financial supports necessary to finish up her beautiful
project. On passing out of the service she again was awarded with Osun
State Honours Award for her meritorious service!


and always seeking the good of the society. Monica Njoku is already
making her foot in the sand of time. She is the TV host and presenter of
the no.1 youth interactive talk show-STORMS AND WINDS WITH MONICA! It
is a television programme that looks at trendy issues in all circles of
life, with youths-audience .making them being part in solving societal

MONICA marks its beginning on June 12, 2016, when it officially came on
air, on NTA Startimes television Enugu. The large viewership of the
programme has proven that STORMS AND WINDS WITH MONICA, is a must watch
programme for everyone as its topics touch all ages and circles of life
in more interesting way.

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As a creative writer, Monica Njoku
has also added an online discussion platform #let’s talk real# to her
credit, to engage the minds of people into deep thinking and believing
in reality! Come, let’s follow Monica Njoku our big voice, and public
speaker on our TV screen, YouTube channel and on