Zoe Mthiyane Biography – Age

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Who is Zoe Mthiyane

Zoe Mthiyane is a South African actress and singer.

Given Name: Zoe 

Sure Name: Mthiyane

Nick Name: Zoe Mthiyane

Networth: N/A

Date Of Birth: N/A

Place Of Birth:  South African 

State of origin:  South African 

Nationality:  South African 

Occupation: Singer, Actress

Marital Status: SINGLE


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Zoe Mthiyane Biography

Zoe Mthiyane Biography

Zoe Mthiyane is a South African singer, actress, and the opening vocalist of The Legend of Tarzan 2016 movie.

She dated and had a son for Robert Marawa before they broke up.

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Zoe now dated Lebo Morake and they have a daughter together.

Her date of birth will be added soon.