Bongi Makeba (Late)Biography

Bongi Makeba

Bongi Makeba was born on 20 December 1950 and she died 17 March 1985. She was a South African singer/songwriter. She was the only child of singer Miriam Makeba with her first husband, James Kubay. Makeba was born in South Africa.

She recorded only one solo album, Bongi Makeba, Blow On Wind (pläne-records) before she died of complications following childbirth in 1985 and was buried in Conakry, Guinea. Some of her songs could be heard years later in her mother’s repertoire. With her American husband, Nelson Lee, in the early to mid-1970s she made two 7″ record “Bongi and Nelson” featuring two soul tracks arranged by George Butcher: “That’s the Kind of Love” and “I Was So Glad” (France: Syliphone SYL 533) & “everything for my love” and “do you remember malcom ” (France: Syliphone SYL 532). Makeba had three children: Nelson Lumumba Lee, Zenzi Monique Lee, and a son, Themba, who died as a young child.

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