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DJ Spoko

DJ Spoko started producing at the age of 12, and is renowned as the protégé of Shangaan electro superstar, Nozinja. In the early 2000s, Spoko’s sound engineering skills were improved with the help of Nozinja. Spoko is also known as the originator of Bacardi house (indigenous to Pretoria), and his
music is well-known in Pretoria (especially Atteridgeville where he grew up) and Johannesburg.

In April 2013, Dazed Digital said “Spoko, Machepiz, Mujava and contemporaries like DJ Panyaza and Mugwanti are beloved in Atteridgeville, but treated more like skilled carpenters than rock stars”.
The DJ/Producer rocked the stage at the CTEMF this year, alongside Mujava, and completely blew away the minds of the audience.

He also played at Electronic Africa (a showcase of African electronic artists) hosted by Red Bull Music Academy in New York and toured the United States playing at festivals like Summerstage Festival. He released his first album, War God, in 2014 and is due to play at Liverpool International Festival in August this year.

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DJ Spoko

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