Phendu Kuta Biography

Phendu Kuta

Phendu Kuta is a LISOF graduate and Johannesburg-based entrepreneur with a focus on the youth sector. She embarked on her first entrepreneurial venture in 2011 – a jewellery business that sold in several designer boutiques around the city. 

Currently, her work sees her involved in editorial, stylistic and creative directorial roles, thanks to her founding Unlabelled, an online South African youth culture magazine in August of 2014. The publication aims to showcase authentic South African street fashion in a fresh way that draws inspiration from Joburg’s street subcultures.

Unlabelled is an online African youth culture magazine which was founded in 2014. 
Unlabelled showcases authentic African fashion and style in a hip and edgy way by drawing inspiration from African culture and subcultures. We strive to influence African youth to embrace their unique identity whilst giving a new perspective on what it means to be young in Africa. We strive to connect to an extensive multicultural audience through original editorials, thought provoking articles and an exploration of  African fashion history. 
Unlabelled is founded by Phendu Kuta.