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Push Push

 Push Push real name is Nicci St Bruce, She’s
from Cape Town. And upon first glance, she’s just one of a million good
looking women on social media self-idolizing for no reason.

She started writing raps since age 9,
her music-related endeavors only became public knowledge in 2014. The rap moniker of Nicci St Bruce is wrapped up tightly in her
lyrics with lines like, “I put the ass in gymnastics” and “I’m just a
brat rapping in a PE accent”.

Push Push

Nicci made her debut recording performance as Push Push with ‘Cave
Swoon’ off Oh! Dark Arrow’s first album, Goodspeed Thundercat. By September last year she dropped a solo EP Free Push with two tracks, ‘Jut Life’ and ‘Atom Bomb’ produced by Thor Rixon
and these were just featured in the Comedy Central series Broad City.
The yet-to-be-confirmed murmurs of a debut album are hardly surprising
but, to keep us going in the meantime, Push Push has a couple new
collaborations (with Thor and Okmalumkoolkat) in the works..

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Push Push

Facebook: Pushpussh