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Mayani Pelo Luhabanya was born in Tanzania in 1998 and is well known by his stage name Mayestron. He is a Tanzanian – Irish Recording artist, Rapper, Producer, Singers-songwriter, Director and Entertainer.

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Mayestron was a footballer soccer player, he started playing football when he was 5 years old in Africa and he quit playing football at age of 14 and traveled to Europe, Ireland precisely. In Ireland Mayestron wasn’t good in speaking English at the time he arrived in Ireland, he started singing but he stopped in other to improve his English for a year by learning the English language and came back with a short rap song which he named ”Hard Life” produced by his friend. Other hits tracks that followed was “Nothing To Share”, ” No Text (feat. Andrejs)”, “Rich Kid (feat. Andrejs), “Trust Issue”, “Mistake (short)”, ” You’re Racist “, ” Miss You “, ” Heart Broken”, “Home Sweet Home”, ” Crazy Friday”, “Non!”, “The Reason”, “Haters” and “Politics”, some of all those songs was produced by himself.

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