Mimae Biography – Age

Marta Manuel Muila, known by many as Mimae is a Mozambican R & B singer; and Kizomba who became nationally known when she released the song Por Causa de Homem and for her participation in the album  Moment2 of the Mozambican singer G2 and with other several renowned Mozambican music artists.

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Mimae was born in the Malanga neighborhood of Maputo, she began her musical career at the Tchaya Records studio and later was a band runner, where she lived and learned a lot with various national and international artists, such as Valdemiro José , Neyma , Júlia Duarte , Stwart sukuma, Ary, Pearl, Don Kikas, Grace Evora, Suzana Lunbrano and others.

Her solo career began with the release of the song Por Causa de Homem, produced by the Mozambican musician G2, which became a huge success after the release of the video clip. Two more successful videos, Your Love makes Me Happy and Ungrateful Love were released in 2012.,
In 2013, Mimae released the single Ani Swi Kothi Kutsama Kule with 3 songs ( Post Wedding, Vou Assumir, Ani Swi kothi Ku Tsama Kule) produced by Djkiko and composed by the singer herself. Mimae also released the song Life of Appearance, produced by Sslowli.

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