Meaku Biography – Profile, Age, Awards

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Born on 28 November, 1987 is Chibuike Franklyn Omeaku, better known as Meaku, is a Nigerian American Pop/R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Model, Humanitarian and Philanthropist. Meaku was raised in Inglewood, CA, in a very spiritual ad descent home, where they were taught unconditional love, family values, and the value of education.
Meaku met a friend who noticed his musical talent and then introduced him to another friend (Larry Sanders known by his professional name: Louis Vuitton) who owned a publishing company for songwriters and producers.  All it took was one of Meaku’ song for Louis Vuitton: L.V. to see the “Star Power” in him. The Publishing company ended up folding and Meaku never saw a dime from the records he wrote for them, but he saw beyond the currency, realizing bigger things were in store for him. L.V. decided to take Meaku under his wing, help train him vocally, and teach him about the music industry. 
Through this experience, Meaku has grown more humble, peaceful, sagacious, caring, and loving to everything and everyone around him. It has taught him to embrace every single situation that life posses on him, Meaku has done several albums and has won many awards to him self.