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Kimo Leopoldo was born on 4 January, 1968. He is also known as Kimo, he is a retired American mixed martial artist. Leopoldo was born in Munich to an American father of Caucasian and Polynesian descent and a half-German; half-French mother from Germany. Four months after he was born his family moved to Hawaii. Leopoldo was a natural athlete growing up, playing football, wrestling, and he also had an interest in surfing.
Kimo made his MMA debut at UFC 3 in 1994 losing to Royce Gracie by submission. He was credited with a black belt in taekwondo in his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut at UFC 3. Kimo is well known for his Christian beliefs; he sports many religious tattoos and entered the arena at UFC 3 carrying a large cross on his back.
In acting profession, he has since 1996 worked beside his fighting career as Actor of Indie production. Leopoldo starred in the direct to video production R.I.O.T.: The Movie and the films The Process, The Dog Problem, In the Closet, Bullet and Avengers Grimm.
In area of mixed martial, Kimo at UFC 3, billed as a taekwondo fighter, Kimo fought the reigning, defending UFC 1 and UFC 2 champion Royce Gracie in the first round. Though Gracie tried to take him down at all costs, Kimo stayed firmly on his feet, and even managed to capture his back in a failed trip.