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Patrice Wilson was born in Nigeria. Wilson’s father was a Nigerian chemical engineer and his mother an Irish British Church Minister is a Nigerian-American music producer, singer and songwriter. Wilson adopted the name Pato as a stage name for his various performances. He founded ARK Music Factory with Clarence Jey in 2010. While there he produced many songs, such as “Friday” sung by Rebecca Black which gained worldwide attention on YouTube. In 2011, he established Pato Music World (PMW) after quitting ARK Music Factory

Wilson studied at Wilson Prep School, a Christian school his mother had established, and then Zamani College and Essence International School in Nigeria. He moved to the United States in 1999, where he took his flavor of Nigerian music, along with his style of music he had performed in Eastern Europe and combined it with new age hip-hop.
Wilson appeared in One Week to Hit It Big: “Pop Star”, the ABC show Good Morning America’s (GMA) one-week special feature.
In 2010 Patrice co-founded ARK Music Factory in partnership with Clarence Jey, an Australian record producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist musician. He chose the name “Ark” because of his Christian background.
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