Madyson Foy Biography – Age, Height

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Madyson Foy is an online coach fitness model and bikini competitor. Starting from her childhood days she has always had a thing for sports, she played soccer and competitive cheer. While growing up, she struggled a lot with confidence, relationships and was just really lost for a few years before she said enough was enough and started to focus more on my family, business, school, proper nutrition and the gym.

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Madyson began competing in 2013 and here’s how her weekly training goes;

MONDAY (Day 1): Back & Abs
TUESDAY (Day 2): Heavy Legs & Abs
WEDNESDAY (Day 3): Shoulders & Triceps
THURSDAY (Day 4): Plyos & Abs
FRIDAY (Day 5): Upper Body
SATURDAY (Day 6): Cardio, Abs, Roll
SUNDAY (Day 7): Off Day

Foy’s body description;

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Height: 5’3” / 161 cm
Weight (stage): 54 kg / 120lbs
Weight (off-season): 58 kg / 130 lbs