victor sho biography

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victor sho biography

The exclusive Biography of Victor sho which includes his background 

Victor Sho is a Nigerian Actor,Choreographer,DanceInstructor,Dancer,Model and was born in Lagos, Nigeria and was raised in the Bronx
since the age of two.   Victor was raised in the birth place of Hip-Hop,
the Bronx, and still resides there today.  He started training as a
dancer with a
Hip-hop Dance crew called 730.  It started as something
done all for fun but grew in to a life career.  Hip-Hop dancing opened
doors of opportunities for me in many other areas of entertainment and
Fashion.  After graduating Lehman College with a degree in Pre-Medical
Biology, his original aspirations of becoming an orthopedic doctor were
altered when he decided to take his choreographing, dancing, acting and
modeling talents to a professional level.

As a choreographer, Victor’s work with The P.L.A.Y.E.R.S. Step Dance Company has been featured on Americas Got Talent, NACA step tour, and 106 & Park.
 He has also   worked on industrials for L’Oreal Matrix, AT&T, US
Bank, and Tracee Ellis Ross’ Fashion Forward Event. In addition Victor
has choreographed for commercials and videos for the GMHC (w/ Bank of
America), Chrisette Michelle, Bella (of Fire and Reason), and Nynewest
to name a few.

Victor’s talents as a dancer has led him to perform in commercials
and industrials for Old Navy, Bloomingdales, Crest, Oral B, Samsung,
Jamba Juice, Target, Moncler, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hermes. He has worked
on Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Love” video featuring Nikki Minaj and
MIA.  His tours include Crystal Water’s world tour and Alicia Keys, Keys in A Minor tour.
He has worked on Comedy Central as a principal dancer in
skits with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart. Victor has
been featured on SNL several times as a principle dancer. His most
memorable roles were in the series with Jason Segel and the Black Swan
Showcase with Jim Carrey doing skits with Keenan Thomas.

victor sho biography

As an actor Victor has been featured in commercials for Lens
Crafters, Amazon Kindle, and VH1’s “All about Pep” (promo commercial for
Peppa). He has worked on a commercial with Academy Award winning
director Martin Scorsese for Chanel. He can also be seen in Lonely
Island and Michael Bolton’s Jack Sparrow music video. He has
been featured in movies and series such as “Across the Universe”, “Law
and Order”, and short films for Rhapsody James’ “Siren Assassins”. His
stage credits include “Talent 101″, “Of Kings and Concubines Sink or
Swim”, “The Saga of Shore Break Rentals”, and “The Congo Redemption”.

Victor is not a stranger to the world of modeling. He has done print
and runway for Prada, Diesel, Bogosse, Roca Wear, Phat Farm, Akademiks,
LRG, and promos for The Tyra Banks Show. Yahoo has featured him in a
fashion blog for a photo shoot done with World Renowned Photographer Ted
Seberese. Victor has shot for several magazines, which include but are
not limited to Giant, Men’s Health, and FAB Magazine. 

Victor has recently worked dancing for Rhianna in her Robin Hood
Charity Concert, choreographing for Cole Haan, David Blaine, and “Too
Late”, a NYU Short Film.  However, above all recent achievements, he has
taken all of his talents and skills as a visionary choreographer to the
field of directing. This can be seen in the music videos for the single
“I’m Cocky” by recording artist G. Finale and for the single “Dance
Floor” for Amen Ra (A.K.A. Bam Bam). Victor uses his faith in God as a
driving force in his life and career inspiring his motto “I ride on

instagram: victorsho

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