Esther Kuria

Esther Kuria Biography – Age

Esther Kuria is a Kenyan makeup artist and Youtuber who has become popular through different social media platforms. She teaches women different beauty tactics which involves hair and makeup tutorials. …

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Shoppingbagsara Bio

Shoppingbagsara is a famous plus-size Instagram model. She has achieved fame through posting of different pictures of herself in different outfits showing her beautiful curves and nice shape. Shoppingbagsara is …

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Luchy Donalds smiles

Luchy Donalds Biography – Age

Luchy Donalds is a Nigerian actress who has taken the Nollywood industry by storm. She was born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nkwocha of Emii in Owerri …

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Abigail Nebechi Biography

Abigail Nebechi is an actress, trending recently in the Nigerian Movies Industry. In her educational wise, she barged her 1st degree from Federal University of Technology, Uyo. Abigail has featured …

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Uche Natori sitting down

Uche Natori Biography – Age

Uche Natori is a Nigerian vlogger or content creator popularly known for her Youtube channel Uche Natori. She has already gained more than 140,000 subscribers. Her updates are mostly beauty-related …

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