DJ Toxiq Biography Nigerian Female DJ

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Nigerian female DJ, DJ Toxiq wears the dual hat of an artiste and DJ. She produced the hit
song by Fuji Legend Alabi Pasuma’s Hip Hop Switch. She has also released
a couple of successful mix tapes.

DJ Toxiq Biography

Nigeria’s leading female producer DJ
Toxiq releases the second single off her
undisclosed EP.
She teams up with Pasuma Wonder’s
Wasbar Records artiste, Frankie Free to
make a superb reggae/dance hall tune.
DJ Toxiq shows off her vast knowledge
and beat making skills, allowing
Frankie Free to come through with a
sing along hook and nicely delivered
verses. The genius synergy gave birth to
this track – “ Doe Black“ .
As written by Frankie Free and
produced by DJ Toxiq.

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DJ Toxiq Biography

Instagram: DJToxiq