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Kumi full name is Amma Korantema Kumi born 1989 is Ghanaian Singer Song-Writer Project Fame West Africa 8.0 Finalist Creative Artist and she hail from Ghana.

Kumi has a BSc in Entomology and Wild Life from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. As expected, her number one hobby is everything that is related to music. Asides singing, she is an ardent reader, likes to style hair and watch movies.

Unlike many who would not admit it, Kumi says she is a foodie! Food excites her, it makes her happy, and when she is feeling down, food can perform the miracle of brightening her mood.
 One of her most memorable experience as a singer was the day she performed at a South African festival where all the delegates joined her, and were moved to tears as she sang.

Another event, which happened to be the anchor of her decision to pursue music, was when she was advised to take music serious after she was made to sing at a job interview.

Kumi Biography

For Kumi, her strength and uniqueness lie in the ability to perform a song well and also emote.

 She recently announced that her first studio single since after project fame season 8 will soon be released.

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