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Sir Shina Peters Biography

Sir Shina Peters Real/full name is Born
Oluwashina Akanbi Peters
, born 30 May 1958, is a Nigerian Jùjú musician born in Ogun State, he invented Afro-juju in the
late 1980s from Juju
music. His immensely popular 1989 release Ace
(Afro-Juju Series 1) thrust him back into the limelight after
disappearing for some time.

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Sir Shina Peters |

he began his career while playing the guitar with General Prince Adekunle, later forming his own group with Juju Maestro Segun Adewale.
Shina Peters, after releasing many albums with Segun Adewale thru the
1980s, went on to form his own band “Sir Shina Peters & His
International Stars”. Their first album release Ace (Afro-Juju Series 1)
in 1989 went double platinum and was the career breakthrough which
catapulted Sir Shina Peters back into the limelight. “Ace” was a musical
fusion between Juju and Afro beat; a rhythmic collaboration which
pierced Ethnic, Cultural and language barriers in Nigeria. The second
album release Shinamania (Afro-Juju Series 2) went on to further
prove that Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars were on the
verge to change and revolutionize the Juju Music scene in Africa.
Sir Shina Peters is still regarded as the creator of a well-respected
music genre (Afro Juju) that exists in its own class till this day. He
currently has 16 album releases to his credit.

Sir Shina Peters is currently signed to Orbit Entertainment, his USA agency based in New York..

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