Tin-Tin Biography


Tin-Tin real name is Ramon, he  is pure fire, and it’s not just a matter of whether his songs blew everything out of the water, but the creative sounds he uses. Simply exquisite (if I can use that word to describe a beat). Tin-Tin is
another underrated produced looking at the work he’s done in the industry and considering you get the feeling he’s barely scratched the surface of his talents. Just think what we’ll be seeing in a few years from him. 
Focus Ramon

Notable Work:

 Slim T -Lagosians, Dammy Krane – Lobatan, Eva Alordiah – Your Fada, Down Low, Kel – Give It To Me, Pope – Enjoy

Hope to gathered some more information soon, pls come back for more updates

Twitter: Tintinandtins

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