Wema Sepetu Biography – Age

Born September 28, 1988 Wema Sepetu is a Tanzanian actress, singer and model. Her sroad to stardom began when she won Miss Tanzania contest in 2006 which other celebrities such as Jokate Mwegelo also contested for. Wema later represented Tanzania in Miss World 2006.

Wema and Idris Sultan

Wema is the last born in the diplomatic family of Isaac Abraham Sepetu and Mariamu Said Sepetu, having three sisters. She is famously known for her whining voice-a character common among last borns. She was born at ST. Andrew’s hospital in Dar es Salaam and studied at Academic International before she flew to Malaysia to study International Business Studies at Limkokwing University. Madam Wema has many talents, including singing, acting and beautification. Wema is among the influential and beautiful women of Tanzania; having maternal ancestry from Singida (The lake zone tribe of Nyaturu, where very beautiful women hail from) and paternal ancestry from Zanzibar (the coast region, a famous island of Africa)

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