Brown Shuga Biography

 brown sugar
Brown Shuga real/full name is ALIU OSHIOMALE M, Is a Nigerian singer. He was Born 23rd
day of December, 1989 by Mr. and Mrs. Aliu to the Okoko maiko Is a recording 

ALIU OSHIOMALE M. aka BROWN SUGAR; Nigeria born and Nigeria raised
started doing music at a very tender age just like many of the
neighborhood kids, but an extraordinary passion was the preservative
that helped the young dud in preserving this great talent of his till
this day.

It all started when the young RASTER MAN started watching and
learning from the environment around him. So I am A PRODUCT OF THE
ENVIRONMENT. One of the first obvious musical influences LITTLE BROWN
had was a neighborhood star known as BULLY BANTON. Lil brown was so like
Bully Banton that he was known all over the neighborhood as Young
Bully. Bully Banton was a recording artist at JAHOHA STUDIO which is
owned by Marvelous Benjy.

Bully was as at then working with a producer
called Mighty Mouse…he was “Da Man cooking up Da Dancehall beats.”
Often Bully went to the studio with lil Brown and my love for the game
grew only as I grew.

I definitely have a long history, but it was only shortly after I
fell in love with the music that I start getting much love from the
streets. I was in junior secondary school when I had my first stage
performance in the popular STREET JAMS. On the day of my first
performance I sneaked out of the house just a few minuets after I got
back from school.

My SWEET MAMA got worried and she went out on a search
for her “sugar boy”; only for her to find out I was just getting on
stage and the crowd was cheering. Although sweet mama was at first angry
that her boy left home without informing anyone but, she could not help
been so proud of her little man after a BLAZING HOT performance. She
joined in cheering and applauding the YOUNG CHAMP. These were just the
beginning of great musical events to come. My passion grew wild and my
music started diversifying. Some of the major genres of music that I do
are: Ragger, Dance hall, R&B, and African high life

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In a star crowded country like Nigeria BROWN SUGAR has made great
efforts in coming to lime light. Some of his major performances are; MTN
campus storm (2008), Miss AAU (2008) Face of Auchi (2008 & 2009)
Dance IOU 2011.

He is presently in the studio working on an album that will be hitting the stores on a date called SOON.