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chiefobiChief Obi real/full names is Henry Obiefule is a Nigerian Comedian MC/Host Professional Mad Man as he refers to himself on his instagram page. 

 Henry Obiefule is originally a Nigerian African who lives in
Baltimore, Maryland. On his social networking sites he refers to himself
as “Chief Obi” and is obviously a proud Nigerian. The bulk of his video
content revolves around the same three characters: a white American, a
black American, and an African. He takes stereotypes about each of these
three groups and compares them to one another. Seeing as Obiefule is
Nigerian, we can assume that the African character he portrays is
Nigerian. He lives in Baltimore, so we can also assume that he bases his
other two characters off of white Americans and black Americans that he
has encountered in Baltimore.

his humor and his ability to make people laugh effortlessly, Chief Obi
is categorized as Instagram comedians/ celebrity that would take over the
comedy scene in Nigeria.
And because he is already a fan favorite, we know it’s only a matter of time before the big break.

Chief_obi  is Nigerian born
internet celebrity that has loads of funny skits portraying the Igbo
culture as his name suggests. He presently has over 250k followers on
Instagram. He has headline shows with Nigerian Comedy kings too. His
signature is his red cap.

It will be a
surprise to many that he still juggles school work with comedy, as he
works to complete his Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

Most of his weekends are spent flying out to MC weddings, events and
shooting hilarious skits.  But what you will not see in those skits and
pictures is the image of Chief Obi completing school assignments on the
plane as he goes from event to event.
Even though his parents have been adamant about his education,
they have also been equally supportive about his comedy career

Chief Obi is
definitely headed for big things! His words of advice for comedic
freshmen still wandering around the Instagram campus of comedy is to “diversify your knowledge of culture to add depth to your works” and he demonstrates:

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