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Jacky Gosee

Jacky Gosee (Gossaye
Kellemu) born in Ethiopia then relocated to The Netherlands at a young
age has been overcoming many barriers to achieve his goal in
establishing himself as an artist. 

Jacky Discovered his musical talent when ha was a, He used to sing for kids in the neighborhood. At age 9 , He joined the
Hitsanat Theater and was lucky enough to have had professional music
classes from Mulu Gebeyehu. Mulu Gebeyehu was the head of the Ras
Theater Cultural Group and more recently one of the judges of the
popular Ethiopian Idols Show.

Three years after He joined the “Hitsanat Theater” they (Yodit Zeleke,
Amelework Girma and myself) released a CD titled “ye’wolajoch
getoch”(parents jewels). That was his first CD He co-released with the
two girls He mentioned earlier. A couple years later He left home for
life in the Western world.

Jacky Gosee

 Awards and Nominees

AFRIMMA AWARD 2016 Nominees

You can watch some of his lovely musics on youtube

Instagram: jacky_gosee

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