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Kiff No Beat

KIFF NO BEAT is a hip hop group whose members reside in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

the group, since 2009, consisted of GnahoréOkou Camille (Black K),
N’wolé Brice (Elow’n), ZéréhouéDiyilemBassa (BassaDidiZéréhoué).

the other hand, already existed since 2009, the JEKBOYZ made of Kouakou
Jonathan Charley (Joochar) and Guy Franck Konan Mares (El Jay).

Since 2009, members of KNB and JEKBOYZ gave birth to the Kiff No Beat group.

NO BEAT (“Dig our beats” in english), as a stage name, is an invitation
to pay attention to the band’s work, its actions & its messages
through its music.

diversity of their musical genres (R&B, Ragga dancehall, rap, pop),
added to their choreographies and skills quickly set this group of
young rappers apart from the rest.

strengths have enabled the cool, talented and dynamic band to be the
winners of the biggest rap competition in Cote d’Ivoire, “FAYA FLOW
2010” organized by Telcoms giant Orange Côte d’Ivoire and JACH (Active
Youth Culture Hip hop).

2010, KIFF NO BEAT entered the studio and released an album of 16
tracks as varied as colorful. Called “CADEAU DE NOEL”, the album was
conceived as a gift to Ivory Coast gift, following the tragic events
that happened  in December 2010.

official ceremony for the release of the album took place on August 27,
2011 in the Art Village Ki Yi in a room full of about 500 people.

NO BEAT participated in several radio interviews, such as one with Aby
Diouf on UNOCI FM , Radio Jam “special hip hop” etc …

2012, KIFF NO BEAT  treleased a mixtape of 23 rap tracks, called
“Jackson Five” to keep its fans waiting for the second album. This
mixtape, out on September 15, created an impressive buzz in the Hip Hop
world in Ivory Coast. In order to support the project, in November 2012,
KIFF NO BEAT announced a tour all over the country called YMGTOUR . The
tour will definitely establish them as one of Ivory Coast’s Hip Hop

2013, KIFF NO BEAT confirmed its status as Best Artist / HIP HOP group
of Ivory Coast with two singles from its upcoming album “PETARDS
D’ADOS”. The first single ‘Samusement’ was released on July 6 and the
second, ‘Shooto’, was released on December 4. The band ended the year
with a private show for the fans at Café de Versailles.

2014, KIFF NO BEAT created its own live band, The Yafoy Music Gang” and
chose to focus on is Album “PETARDS D’ADOS “, finally released on March
29, under the DA CARMEN PRODUZIONE label.

Kiff No Beat

Les membres du groupe KIFF NO BEAT sont originaires d’Abidjan. À l’origine, le groupe comptait Gnahoré Okou Camille (Black K), N’wolé Brice (Elow’n) et Bassa Zéréhoué Diyilem (Didi B), réunis sous le jjnom KNB. D’autre part, existait le duo JEKBOYZ constitué de Kouakou Jonathan Charley (Joochar), de Konan Franck Guy Mares (El Jay)

C’est la fusion, en 2009, de KNB et JEKBOYZ qui donnera naissance au groupe KIFF NO BEAT.

L’appellation KIFF NO BEAT est une invitation à prêter attention aux
œuvres, aux actions, et aux messages du groupe à-travers sa musique.

La diversité des genres musicaux pratiqués (R&B, Ragga/Dancehall, Rap, Pop)
et les chorégraphies élaborées constituent une particularité qui
distingue ce groupe de jeunes artistes, qui ont tous la vingtaine.

Ces atouts ont permis au groupe d’être lauréat du plus grand concours de rap en Côte d’Ivoire, «Faya Flow» organisé en 2010 par Orange Côte d’Ivoire et la JACH (Jeunesse Active de la Culture Hip Hop).

Membres du groupe

Les membres du Kiff No Beat sont:

  • BLACK K – Rap
  • ELJAY – Rnb
  • ELOW’N – Rap
  • JOOCHAR – Dancehall
  • DIDI B – Rap

Kiff No Beat dispose aussi de son propre groupe de scène, constitué
de musiciens et de danseurs. Ils sont regroupés sous le collectif YMG, YaFoy Music Gang, 13PHARAONS

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