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KymO Kingin
Living up to the new vibe he imbibed after his name changed from Hakym the dream a.k.a the Lamba king, KymO premieres a creative and overly sexy RnB tune titled ‘Shodamo’.

who prides himself as one artiste who sings punchlines as demonstrated
in Shodamo, was born and raised in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria and began
singing at the tender age of 11. 
His love for music made him learn and
master the act of song writing, music and video production early on.
Hakym released his debut RnB single ‘Dey Dere’
in 2009 at the age of 18. He produced the song by himself, wrote the
concept of the video and shot it all in one day. He is also known for
songs like ‘Lamba‘, ‘Scoobi doo’ and ‘Salamualekun‘.

 Instagram: kymo_kingin

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